About Us


Meet Jill Shea and Laura Polanski, co-owners of thestreakinhealys. Jill and Laura are loving mom’s, results driven entrepreneurs and passionate about creating a culture of happiness, that revolves around family and giving back.

“Where you stumble, there you find your treasure.”

In 2017 thestreakinhealys with over 35 years of combined retail expertise found themselves at a career cross roads. The family-owned, 150 store retail chain they were employed at was closing its doors after 60 years.

The two co-workers & friends chose this moment to see their career glass ½ full. Together, they decided to take a risk and follow their hearts to conceptualize & create thestreakinhealys.

Women's Fashion

thestreakinhealys’s guiding principles are:
To inspire life & style adventure.
To become your best-self.
To create happiness & love of family.
To use business as a force for good contributing to meaningful charities. 
At thestreakinhealys we encourage our tribe to:


We believe, you are stronger than any circumstance and “what looks like a disaster is actually a miracle in progress.”

thestreakinhealys now have 5 stores in less than 2 years’ time. They are beyond grateful to everyone who has helped thestreakinhealys shine. Together, we go further.

Follow your heart, it will guide you home.
WELCOME to thestreakinhealys.

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